I finally got the chance to go out for lunch, so I finally can make a new blog post! Yes, I am very happy right now!

So as I was saying, I went out for lunch with my mum the other day and I decided to try out a different pasta dish. As you might know, I might enjoy my pasta dishes a little too much. No worries I got this addiction under control. So, we went to my mums favorite place Le Chantilly. It’s a little tavern in Hannut, run by two best friends. They are so friendly to all their costumers and the service is amazing. I ordered pasta with ham and cream sauce and it would have been perfect. But the sauce was way too watery, I only could taste the flavor of the sauce if I dipped my bread in it. It did fill my stomach, maybe next time they will try to make the sauce a little bit thicker. For the rest I am very pleased with them.

If you want to have a nice service, go to Le Chantilly in Hannut!

Bon appetit!