A lot of lives have been lost just in the first half of this year, all because someone pulled a trigger. Things haven’t changed much, and even though it’s already 2018 and it’s about time these things should change, it appears not enough is being done.

Everyone’s voice matters, whether it’s a hashtag, or a post on social media, signing a petition that only seems to have a small number of supporters. We are provided with all these different platforms and we best bet put them to good use. No matter people listen to us or not, effort counts, and the more voices are raised, the better.

We are not supposed to go to school in fear. We are not supposed to walk into a classroom thinking whether it’s going to be our last day seeing our classmate sitting by the window, or entering the cafeteria thinking if it’s going to be our last time sitting on that table with that group of friends. Though our one job here as teenagers, even children, is to get education and gain as much knowledge as we can, we can’t do that if someone is hiding with a gun, ready to pull the trigger.

It’s 2018. It’s about time children stop fearing for their lives, whether in school or outside. It’s about time parents stop mourning over the loss of their children because someone put a bullet through them. It’s about time more and more children are buried six feet under every year. It’s about time we put an end to gun violence.