Carrying these heavy wings, they still try. Even the birds in a cage think they will fly.💙💙💙
No one is given wings to fly and see the world from a tree. They grow their wings by themselves to conquer their demons. ❤️
It doesn't matter where you are, suffering from worst situations, cause you don't know where you'll be, what's hidden in the life's treasure❤️. But guess who you are. Yeah, "you are the owner of the golden key which can open that lock." 🗝❤️❤️
Thinking is a key. Best power possessed by human beings. "Think" to find a way. "Dream" to get rid of these stupid questions like, where to go? What to do?
Keep on thinking about your aims and passions even if it's possible or not! You'll make it!
If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal.