The other day I was scrolling throw the Instagram and I saw this girl from my school who is being bullied on Instagram.

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It's 2018. and people are still bulling each other?

That girl is 15 years old and she is in the first year of high school.

(I know that in America and some other countries there are specific names for each year in high school but here, in Croatia, we just have like first year, second year...etc.)

How can you bully a 15 year old child? When I was in my first year I needed help to find my school LOL.
Why are you doing this?

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They are writing in her DMs like "You are so fat and ugly how come J... can be with you? Is he blind or something?"
No honey, J is not blind he is in love with a beautiful little lady.

I met this girl in my cousin's wedding and she is so kind and lovely. I admit, she wears larger sizes than me but who cares???

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That's what she said hahaha.

But really though, does it really matter which size someone wears? You say she is fat? I say YOUR OPINION DOESN'T MATTER!

What would you say if someone told you "She killed herself because you and your friends talked shit about her"?
Would you be able to look yourself in the mirror?

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Would you be able to live like that?

PLEASE think before you say or do something.
That girl is someone's daughter, sister, friend, cousin, loved one... Please don't kill people with your words.
Words hurt more than a punch.

When someone punch you in the face it stop hurting a few minutes later but when someone is verbally abusing you it stays forever.
Believe me, I know.

Stop the bullying while you can, it's gonna be too late later.

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