"Write a list of things you always postpone."

This is going to be so hard! I'm a definite do-er, and I do not understand how procrastinators live. How does that little weight of putting something off not suffocate you? HOW? I put off something so simple as washing a dish, and the tiniest bit of anxiety crawls under my skin and grows like wild fire. That being said, I do have a slim list of things I postpone because I absolutely hate them.

Going to the Doctors
I do not weigh myself. I despise the scale. Especially now that last time, my doctor called me fat (I am not fat, I have a shit ton of muscle). Even when I say, "Don't tell me my weight!" They give me the sheet at the end. Every time I go and see my weight, it takes a few weeks to get back to a non restrictive diet because it spikes the little bit left of my middle school eating disorder. I wait my absolute longest time until I have to see my doctor.

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I make it a point (this year) to not bring homework into my house. To me, school life and home life need to stay seperated for my own sanity. We have a built in 40 minute work period into every school day, and that's always enough time to finish whatever assignments I have. The only class that really does homework is my AP Lit anyway. So I guess I'm not postponing it if I have a planned schedule for it.

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I like to wait until all my favorite undies are dirty, and then I throw in all my frequently worn clothes. I wear things a few times before I wash them. No shame. Mostly, I just like to keep inventory on my clothes because I'm so indecisive on outfits and I need all options available.

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Dirty laundry... get it?

And that's really it. I used to postpone a few other things, like car matinence and vaccuming, but as I've gotten older I've gotten even better at handling responsibilities. My friends know me as the one who always has their shit together, and I agree. I'm 18, and I start my Christmas shopping in September. And I have for years now.