Hello, long time no see!
I've been busy with classes but I'm ready to hit this social agaaain.
So, I've found some really cool accounts lately and decided to share them with you all. I'm generally picky about WHI accounts, meaning: I don't follow people I genuinely love or whose taste I don't 100% appreciate.
These are some of my favs:

- мσσηℓιgнт (https://weheartit.com/fiorette) : love this one, such an all-rounder that can get you inspired about the most different things. I love accounts like that.

- b l x x m i n g (https://weheartit.com/blxxming) : her theme game is a bomb, aesthetic is really good.

- ✿ sunshine ✿ (https://weheartit.com/nicolejadeee) : such a different account, and I find her the most inspirational in terms of quotes, I've found so many good ones there!

- × ʜᴏɴᴇʏᴍᴏᴏɴ × (https://weheartit.com/xxhoneymoon) : her aesthetic and general taste for pics are really good.

- муѕтєяу♡ (https://weheartit.com/Dream_landX) : again, such good aesthetic and definitely active!

- paradise (https://weheartit.com/Lianate) : this account is a mash of different styles and aestethics, definitely has a different touch!

I hope you got inspired and found some new people to follow here. Have a good time!