Hello everyone,
my family is a bit different, because I am living a quite nice
life, building my life, but.
There is this but, that comes to my mind, to
callenge me, if I am strong enough to go my way.

My father is a true asshole, but my mum isn`t that easy sometimes as well.
My friends and boyfriend, who is the cutest soul I have ever met, are giving me joy and justice.

It is even so, that my father is that crazy, that he wrote me, and sadly I did`t cleared his nonsense, which always keeps as bad as ever, meant that he wanna bring my mum into jail. Because he thinks that she is a bad person.

But I love her most of the time.

I hope that this day, he accomplishes this aim of him, will never come.
But I know that I need to be prepared, if.
Fact is that i don`t know who she was to him.
But because he was mean to me in the past, and would be today, if I would`t have contact to him regularly, I just do the best I can and hope, that he is just a stupid idiot.

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