I don't spend my nights crying over you like I used to. My heart no longer aches, my stomach doesn't churn at the sound of your name and my pillows aren't soggy with tears. You're gone and I've accepted that. It took me a while but I am here, I'm smiling and laughing and I am going on coffee dates with my friends again and I am just living life to the fullest with the ones I cherish the most. And you never really cross my mind anymore and hell, I am fine with that. It took me a while but a finally realised that I was crying oceans over someone who didn't deserve a single tear. You came into my life as a lesson, my oh my it's a lesson well learnt. I have realised not to believe words but rather actions, and all your actions ever showed me was how much you wanted to break me and you did and I'm glad you did it. Because truth be told all the hurt you caused me made me into a better me a stronger me. But I thought still lingers in the back of my mind, if I could go back to the time I met you and gave my heart to you, I would turn around and walk away