The wonders you created

A poem and a short note at the end

Lighten up your heart,
Brighten up your soul
and let yourself shine
brighter than the Sun.
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Don't lose your light!
Heighten your spirits,
Freshen your mind
and stay forever young,
like the Ocean.
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The ocean is always young, and never too old for an adventure- Become like that, always exploring
Illuminate every light
'neath your skin,
show the world
every galaxy you hold,
and let them stare
at the wonders you
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Don't let the darkness frighten you- let yourself glow like a star

Don't let people and fear limit your imagination and thinking. The only limit you have is yourself, not the sky- after all people have walked on the moon :)

People may call your ideas absurd and stupid, but don't pay heed and let your work do the talking.

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Keep imagining and creating, my lovelies
Farewell till my next writing piece, fellow hearters.
Till then, hope you have a good day.

Lots of hope and love