Hello, lovely people! Today's challenge is to talk about what gives me confidence. Now, I'm not a person with a lot of confidence, but it's getting better and better. So, here's the things that are helping me be more confident:

1. Give yourself a pep talk in front of the mirror.

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In the beginning, it will feel silly, but trust me, it helps in the long-run. Just try "that shirt looks good on you." "Your hair looks really nice." I don't only do this with my looks, I also use it when there's something I'm nervous about or afraid of doing. "You can do this, show them who you are." All that stuff.

2. Compare yourself to others.

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Okay, I know how wrong that sounded, but it's not in a bad way. NEVER compare yourself to others in a bad way. Anyway, what I did was, every time I saw a pretty girl on We Heart It or Instagram or whatever, I found something about her that kind of reminded me of myself. It makes me feel better about that part of my body. Like, my hair kinda looks like Sabrina Carpenter's, so I always tell myself that. Next time you see someone who you think is pretty, find something you have in common. "My legs look like hers!" "Wow, our hair's almost the same." I know it sounds silly, but it worked for me.

3. Listen to music that makes you feel confident.

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I have some songs that make me feel better about myself, and you probably have to. For inspiration. you can always check out my article with songs that make me feel confident.

So far, that's all the tips I have for today. Even though there's only three, it's a great way to start off. And always remember, you are beautiful, just the way you are! Hope you liked it<33