I'm going to try and find myself by describing myself in pictures grouped by 4 in a grid

stars, space, and sky image Abusive image anna karenina image movie, science, and arts image
Main interests; Astronomy, Mythology, Peoples working of the brain/ Psychology and science (Physics as fave)
green, machu picchu, and peru image china, travel, and wanderlust image bandung, nature, and side image Buddha, city, and fade image
Places I desire to visit the most: Peru or Mexico, China, Indonesia and Nepal -> damn this is hard
Temporarily removed quotes, socrates, and words image love, quotes, and greek image emotions, poems, and quotes image
Good quotes
quote, understanding, and soulmate image anxiety and grunge image arm, hand, and hello image air, ball, and eyes image
Words that describe me best: Empathy, Fear/ Anxiety, Kindness, Curiosity
Abusive image Temporarily removed scout image couple, grunge, and car image
Freetime expenditure: First aid, Rugby, Boy-Girl Scouts, Movies
alice in wonderland, alice, and quotes image