Hi friends!
I'm here with another article, this time about my top 10 Cartoons. :) Hope you'll like it.


1. The Lion King

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This is my all the time favorite Disney movie. I love it to death. I love that bond between Simba and his father. It's so cute. And Timon and Pumba are the best. :D

2. Toy Story.

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This is a perfect story about friendship. Even though you are different, you can be best friends. The meaning of this story is just beautiful.

3. Tangled

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I need to say that I never really liked the original version of this cartoon, but I'm honestly in love with Tangled. It just seems really cute to me how they're exploring the world together and fall for each other at the end. Typical romantic story. And let's be honest, who wouldn't like to marry Flynn Rider? :D

4. Bolt

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Omg! I love this cartoon so much. I always wanted to have a dog like Bolt. A true friend who is protecting his master.

5. Monsters inc.

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This is a cartoon I can watch over and over again, and never get tired of it. I really adore how Sully is taking care of little Boo. Their friendship is just really beautiful.

6. Brother Bear

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I don't even know what should I say about this masterpiece. I just love it with my whole heart. I love the meaning of the story, I love how it's painted, I love the songs, I love the humor, I love everything. :)

7. The Emperor's New Groove

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Man, this is the funniest cartoon I've ever seen. :D Yzma and Kronk are my favorite characters of this cartoon. Even though they are bad.

8. Ratatouille

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Since I like everything what is connected to cooking, there's no doubt this is one of my favorite cartoon. Even though I don't like rats, I adore this movie. Like, a lot.

9. Inside out

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Aww, this is one of the cutest cartoon I've ever seen. I love the humor in it and how it's animated and how they are trying to save the girl. And I was crying like a baby when Bing Bong died.

10. Corpse Bride

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I know this is not a cartoon like the others, but it's my favorite by Tim Burton. I like how it seems scary, but it's also a very romantic. :)


So these are my Top 10 Cartoons. Thank you for reading. :)