Hello lovelies, so today I decided to make a different articles and it's about skincare! Because it's really important, well at least for me, it's the most important thing. I used to get lazy taking care of my skin but now I've come to my senses now lol, and realized how important it is to take care of your skin. Okay sorry for the rambling, let's get started.

1. clean all your makeup

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always always clean your makeup after a long day of wearing makeup. It's the most basic step but also a must to do. I usually use makeup remover cleansing wipes because for me it's easier.

2. Wash your face

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after you've done with removing all your makeup, wash your face and make sure to know what your skin type is. If you have an oily skin, then it's better to wash your face with facial cleanser for oily skin, or if you're not sure about it then choose the one that for all skin types.

3. Face mask

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I can't lie that this is my most favorite step ever. I just love love love face mask. It feels like someone is pulling my face. I don't do face mask everyday, only 2-3 days a week. I use mask of magnaminty by lush and it's really good. By far, that's my favorite face mask product. Wait for 10-15 minutes and after that wash your face while scrubbing the mask to your face.

4. Night cream

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When your face already free from the face mask, apply night cream or moisturizer to your face. I use night cream from the body shop but unfortunately, I can't find the picture. But if you're wondering, I use the one with Vitamin E on it.

5. Lipbalm

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Finally, we reach the last step. After you moisturize your face. don't forget to moisturize your lip. We don't want a dry lip, do we?

and you're done!

I hope you like this kind of article, and hope this article helps for you. Have a good day lovelies!!

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