Dear ex-whatever,

I remember the moment you vanished from my life that my weak heart shattered to pieces. I look back and realize how silly and naive I was. Having been in my last teenage years, I was desperate to be loved by someone like you. It was almost addicting but also very unhealthy. I was getting self-conscious over my self-esteem worrying about whether or not I was being good enough for you. But you know what? I am good enough. Apparently I was a bit too good for you. I remind myself of this everyday since then. The more reminded I am of it, the more content I felt for myself. The more content I was with myself, the more accepting I was with the idea of not having you back in my life. Why would I? To let you have another go at possibly breaking my heart again? Or for me to feel like complete shit whirling in all these emotions I couldn't even explain? I don't think so. Maybe for the silly, naive, little girl but she's gone the moment you left her. I'm better than I ever was with myself since then and will continue to be so. I'm confident, guarded, independent and strong. So content with who I am that nobody else capable of bringing me down, matters to me. Not even you.

yours truly

♡ Y E N
♡ Y E N