I can see it in your dark blue eyes
It reflected everything you try to hide
Even if you don't tell or deny it a lot of times
The tiredness of your soul
Carrying the heaviness of life it brings,
For every crystal tears drop in both sides,
It all written in your eyelids every time you blink

I can hear every words that escaped from your mouth
Creating a harmonious sound but without any beat
For it was all coated in lies that people always hear
I was there listening how you told them that you were fine
Whilst your eyes were looking at your feet
The struggle of fighting yourself to shout
Keeping it all in silence of your doubts

I can feel the warmth of your touch in your skin
The gentleness it make by your small fingertips
As it traced from your cheeks down to your wrist,
Stopping yourself as the urge start so keen
Yet every trail you made, the desire still not leave
So you just take the razor and let it dance
Till everything spurts in red and it starts to bleed.