So this article is totally based off the (really old) youtube trend. l always feel like l'm late to the party:( lol!

Hope you enjoy

DISCLAIMER This is just for FUN, l do not intend to offend anybody and this is just my personal opinion.


Tween: cute, fun clothes that are just a little less mature than what teens wear. l hope...........

Temporarily removed fashion, flowers, and outfit image Temporarily removed shoes, pink, and blue image

Teens: Whatever they want!

vans image fashion, clothes, and outfit image Temporarily removed outfit, fashion, and style image


Tween: cute prints, colours and not too long.

nails, white, and diamond image nails, white, and nail art image Image by Tessa Temporarily removed

Teens: Acrylics, constantly changing and a bit longer.

nails, white, and art image Image removed nails, beauty, and nail polish image Image removed

Fav Shops:

Tweens: Typo, Lush, Forever 21, Squishy Stall

architecture, art, and art design image lush, bath bombs, and bath image Temporarily removed kawaii, squishy toys, and aesthetic mochi image

Teens: Forever 21,