Hello dear readers,
about me;
I'm a 20 year old woman who's been suffering and living (& dealing) with a few mental illnesses. Mental illnesses are more common than people think. Depression, anxiety, etc.
Mental health is just as important as your physical health because as soon as your mental health has gotten bad or worse, it ruins your physical health as well.
Depending on whatever mental illness you're suffering from, it'll have different consequences on your body.
It made me physically sick, made my stomach ache, had bowel issues since I was also struggling with food (age 13 - 16 or 17) and almost never eating any breakfast before I left for school (and during lunch most of the time) because my stomach would just make weird noises as I'd be sitting in the classroom, nervous because of my anxiety.
When I was younger and going to elementary school (1st - 4th grade), I used to be full of life but at the same time, I was very distant at times.

I just want you to know that every day may feel like it's getting harder to breathe, like everything around you seems to be getting worse and worse when that's not the reality.

You're strong, you're brave.
You're still here, alive on this planet. That already means so much.
The reality is, you have those little annoying demons telling you those things, beating you down, making you feel less and less motivated.
We all have our down, depressed, filled with those terrifying thoughts that are telling us those scary things. Mine have gotten a little worse, I'd never really had those thoughts but ever since yesterday, my day had been going good and I was happy, genuinely happy.

What can you do to distract yourself/make those thoughts go away, even if it's just for a little bit?

1) You should ask yourself, 'what kind of things (do I do that) make me happy? And relaxed? If it's reading, go get a book or maybe a manga if you prefer that!
Or do you like playing video games? Do anything that makes you happy and feel at ease!

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2) Talk to some one (about your feelings & issues) a therpaist would be the best choice, to be honest.

3) Spend time with either just yourself so you can have some 'me' time, doing things such as looking at yourself in a mirror, really looking & examining each little spot on your face. What parts of your face do you like the most? Is it your eyes? Your cheeks? Just sit still & admire yourself, know that you're indeed worth and that those little voices inside your head should keep quiet. They don't get to say and define what's beautiful, they don't get to tell you if you're enough or not. They don't matter, say it with me, okay? Good!

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Do you like nail polish?

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If you do and you either wear it most of the time/usually or even if you've worn it a couple times before, it doesn't matter. The question is, is it fun putting on nail polish? If so, then go ahead and just put some one and just have fun, know that if you spend even a little bit of time (at least every once in a while), you'll learn & should learn how to love yourself a bit more because you really are beautiful & worth it.
Giving yourself a face massage tends to calm you down, is relieves stress.

4) Or spending time with any loved ones/family/friends/pets can also help and since you're with & spending time withh other living beings that care about you, love you & need you. If you're not as social as you want to be, or just shy & not that used to company, that helps! Just remember, baby steps, baby steps! Don't rush anything, things like this don't just get 'perfect' / better in a day BUT you should never let that let you down! And even if that happens & you fall back, that is more than okay! Like I said, it isn't easy and again, I'd recommend getting professional help if any of you think & have the feeling that you won't be able to do this on your own!

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5) Going out/walking in nature just to appreciate the outside and spending time in a park, feeding the ducks/birds there & just sitting on a bench with either yourself or a loved one! And if you want the experience to be even more carefree & peaceful, don't use any electronic devices, no phones, etc, just to really shut off and not have the urge to want to use your phone! Really relax & enjoy nature, appreciate the small things because one thing about life is that even if it isn't easy, that shouldn't make you shy away from relaxing and just enjoying life, even if it's just for a couple hours!

Hey, again, dear readers! If you've made it to this point, thank you so much! I know this article may seem a bit too long ? (than most of the other ones on here) but I don't mind because this article is very important. Because every human needs to know that they're appreciated and that I salute you all for being so strong and still being here on thism planet, still living life even if those demons are messing with you. Again for the 3rd time, please find a professional (a therapist) to talk to if my little 'tips' aren't seeming to help you!
Thank you so much, please take care of yourself, invest some time in yourself from time to time and love yourself. I'd never learned self love from anyone so I guess I just gotta do it myself sine I'm the only one who knows myself & my body the best!

I'd recommend going to a professional and talking to them since therapist's are good with this field. They know how to handle a complex subject such as mental health and illnesses. I wish you all just the best on your day to recovery.
It's not gonna be easy but it's important and it's about you and your mental ( & physical) health.
Also, remember to always stay hydrated!

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Goodby, dear readers! ♡♡♡♡