Hello Beautiful,
I've seen a lot of people doing this challenge, and I really liked the concept so here i go :)
hope you enjoy

Tea or coffee

coffee, cozy, and tattoo image food, coffee, and drink image coffee, Prada, and drink image coffee, drink, and sunglasses image
I like coffee a little to much, but i drink tea too.

Summer or winter

summer, girl, and surf image beach, summer, and surf image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beach, summer, and girl image
Summer, but i like the winter too just because I can ski then.

Pizza or burger

vegan, vegetarian, and food image burger, cheese, and fastfood image Temporarily removed food and burger image
I like both but i think burgers win this one.

Early bird or night owl

sunset, summer, and pool image city, travel, and plane image Image removed beach, girl, and summer image
In the summer im a real early bird but in the winter I can be more of a night owl

Coke or pepsi

Image removed coca cola, drink, and coca-cola image red, coca cola, and girl image Temporarily removed

Sun or rain

new york and rain image Image removed summer, sun, and palm trees image Image by M.
I like the sun but rain can be so cozy

Heels or sneakers

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion, style, and black image Image by Sony Domm

Tattoos or Piercings

tattoo, girl, and summer image tattoo, travel, and airplane image tattoo and bird image adventure, australia, and beach image

Cats or Dogs

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed dog, cute, and animal image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I love dogs

Ice Cream or Yogurt

ice cream, food, and chocolate image food, ice cream, and summer image food, ice cream, and summer image food, ice cream, and chocolate image

Roses or Sunflowers

rose, red, and flowers image flowers, rose, and pink image bag, coffee, and fashion image Temporarily removed

x Hugs