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Why Wicca?

Growing up, I was raised in a Christian family. The only reason I called myself a "Christian" in the first place was because I believed in God. I thought that's what it meant. I didn't agree with things in the bible like "homosexuality is wrong", rules about tattoos and piercings, or even sex before marriage. As I got older, I started going through a depressed state and started questioning everything. That included why God was making me miserable. I wondered why he gave me an ugly body, gave me a sister I never wanted, why he made school hard, had me be a victim of bullying or if he existed, then why do we have certain people in the world such as atheists and terrorists? The world seemed terrible. The only reason I still believed at the time is because I thought if I didn't anymore, I would go to Hell.

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I began studying Wicca almost two years ago. It started out with anger, so I tried looking for magic spells to curse someone who did me wrong. However, when I came across different articles about Wicca, I learned that's not what it's about. As I started reading about what is was and how it worked, it peeked my interest. The articles and websites gave very reasonable points and evidence on why Wicca was perfect for me.

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What Wicca is to me

Wicca is a religion that embraces individuality and appreciates the balance of nature. It also focuses a lot around karma. Wicca is a religion that is peaceful, loving and equal. Wicca isn't just for women. Wicca can also include magic and witchcraft, but isn't required. You can be a Wiccan and not be a Witch, or vice-versa. There is no shame in Wicca and it is respectful towards any other religions. Anyone can become a Wiccan, but it will take patience to learn. The most important rule of Wicca; "If it harm none, do as ye will."

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What Wicca is NOT

Many people mistake Wicca for "Devil worship". However, like the picture says the Devil is a Christian concept. I believe people mistake black magic witches and associate them with Devil worship. Although there are "black magic witches" out there, these witches are probably not Wiccans. It is okay to disagree, but this is from my perspective. Wiccans are not evil.

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Final Words

A person does not have to be born either a witch or wiccan. This religion is all about exploration and adventure. It's about discovering one's self. I have been studying the religion for almost two years and am self taught. I might not have all the answers, but I'm still learning. Wicca takes patience, understanding and lots of practice.