There are three common learning styles. There is the Visual Learner, The Auditory Learner, and last but not least, The Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner. All these styles can help you learn more efficiently and help you out when it comes to note taking as well.

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Keep in mind: A person can learn in all 3 types of these learning styles. However, Everyone's minds are different, Meaning someone might be able to learn in two of these learning styles, while another can learn in only one, which is okay.

The Visual Learner

The visual learner needs to be able to see the information to contain it into their brains. For these types of learners, just seeing to believing is easy for them.

- Can learn through pictures, colors, charts, maps, graphs, illustrations, and textbooks
- Likes to have detailed notes to help them learn
- Has good sense of direction

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The Auditory Learner

This person needs sound to be able to learn the information given. They can listen and speak for the information given to them, this way they can easily understand it. In other words, "I'm all ears", they would say.

- Needs a quiet environment to study and to learn
- Hum/Talk to themselves when bored
- Likes music
- Likes to read aloud
- When listening to a lecture, likes to take notes after

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The Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner

This learner likes the touch and movement part of learning. Their brain knows what it is touching and moving when in learning.

- Likes hands-on actvities
- Moves body around while learning
- Likes to type handwritten notes to practice

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