I feel so trapped.

In a world full of pretty and talented people, I'm standing in the side watching everyone achieve something great and I can't bring myself to be happy because I'm not doing anything and when I do there is nothing special about me to get noticed or to show to this world.

There’s this constant sadness looming over my head, ruining the possibility of me smiling and actually feeling good about myself, I have things that unfortunately some people don't have - I have shelter, education, family and all the necessities of life but I can't see myself happy in this world where I am nothing but a speck of dust.

I'm overlooked constantly and I try and change myself but the changed me still isn't good enough, I try and dress better and try and lose weight but all I am is another girl’s shadow and I wish I can be more but I know I could never be anything more.

The constant reminders around me make me feel worse and I wonder if I can find a way out but I was meant to suffer and I try and keep the tears at bay but once in a while they burst out like a tsunami because I remember that no one cares about me and doesn't realise that I'm struggling to get up every morning.

I want to be able to change and look like all the other girls but I don't know what to do anymore because I've given up hope of ever being successful and being the real me who is happy.

This is another one of my thoughts in an article, spilled thoughts, so don't mind the weird shifts. I just had to get this on paper so I can move and be the real me instead of letting the sadness take over.

_Feel free to do your own version by using the hashtag #spilledthoughts to get rid of what's plaguing your mind and message me if you do, do it so I can check it out.

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