I prepare my face by putting a little of mattifying cream INGLOT marc by seal all the open pores that I have on my T zone, while I wait for it to dry.

I'm start my make-up doing my eyebrows first, I use the black tone of one of my shade palettes matte of the brand OKALA , because I do not have an ointment or shadow for the eyebrows, then I'm going to start applying it with a small brush for the eyebrows filling all the white spaces that I have in the eyebrows with the shadow, for this I make a line above and below the eyebrow, from the middle of the eyebrow until the end, and then I start to fill.

Then I'm start to make the beginning of my eyebrows with what I get from the shadow on the brush, i'm not need to take more shade, and so I'm start to fill the beginning of my eyebrows and then

By finish, I will clean and define all my eyebrow with my powder SUPERSTAY BETTER SKIN of the brand MAYBELLINE in the tone 20...I pass the sponge on the sides of the eyebrows to define it and that's all for my eyebrows.

Now I will start to make-up my face with my powder of MAYBELLINE because I haven't a foundation cause' it's over, so i'm start putting powder all over my face
I use this powder how primer for the shades on my eyes As well so I'm put powder there

then I take another palette of shadows that brings dark outline and clear shadows matte, I use a clear one to seal my eye bags, because I do not have a concealer or correction palette, so I use a shade more or less my skin tone and apply it with my brush REAL TECHNIQUE under the eyes and pressing.

sometimes I mix this shadow with another clearer.

Then I seal the previous shadow with my powder and I press, then I remove it with the same brush

Now i'm start to make my face contours with the palette I used previously, I use the brown shadow of the palette and I apply it with another brush of REAL TECHNIQUE a little angular, in the bone of the cheekbones dragging a little of the cheeks, blurring the product up in the form of large circles, I also make contour around the forehead and sometimes under the chin.

Then I apply the blush of the VOGUE brand in the tone of *ROSEWOOD*.

I apply it with a big and looser brush, I apply it above the contour of the cheeks.

Now I apply my mask CLUMP CRUSHER of the brand COVERGIRL and apply it from the end of the eye forward to increase the volume, and I also apply on the tabs below.

I use the palette of matte shadow with contour that also brings illuminator, and with my little finger I put a dot in my eyes close to the lacrimal.

Then I return with the palette matte shadow OKALA and take a clear shadow with brightness , I illuminate the upper part of the cheekbones, in the arch of the eyebrow

I blur with the same brush that I use to seal the eye bags.

Sometimes I like to play with different colors in the illuminator, so I take other shades of this palette like gold, pink or copper

I like it to be the color plus the illuminator since it is a very simple makeup

sometimes I also put the same color of the illuminator of the cheeks in the eyes and tears.

Finally the lipstick that i normally use a pink one of the brand *CRAZYZONE Cy°*