hey:) i felt like sharing some of the songs/artists i've been listening to non-stop recently, so here they are!

i found this band by flipping through a seventeen magazine and i fell in love with them immediately! i love every song they've come out with so far and they're all so cute and their music videos are amazing!

2. Rex Orange County - Loving is Easy
this song is so good and soothing:) it makes me kinda sad but i love it lol
- i also love best friend and sunflower by roc

3. Madison Beer - As She Pleases album
i think madison beer has such a great voice and i love this album so much! every song is sooo good

4. 5 Seconds of Summer - Want You Back
i don't usually like 5sos's music that much but i love this new style of music they're coming out with! this song is so good and i would recommend listening to it cuz i was pleasantly suprised by it lol

5. JoJo - Too Little Too Late
lmao throwback but i love this song soo much and it's so catchy!! jojo has such a good voice and this will always be one of my fave songs

6. Bazzi - Mine, Beautiful, Gone, and Sober
these songs are rlly great and beautiful is probably my fave!

7. Kuwada - Cherry Cola
i love this song and it's also very soothing and goodddd

sorry i overused the word "good" but all of these songs are!!