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Hello beautiful people around the world! 🌎 I decided to share with you guys some tips that have help me grow my hair longer.

1. Don't wash your hair often!

Many people wash their hair too much which dries out the scalp causing it to produce more oils. Letting your hair go for a while is beneficial and even makes your hair healthy.

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2. Wash your hair with cold water.

Cold water seals the cuticles and makes your hair less susceptible to damage. This is a health tip but healthy hair can grow more than damaged hair.

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3. Trim!!

Yes! Trim those split ends. In order for your hair to grow it needs to be healthy. And split ends are dried up hair. So trimming the split ends will allow your healthy and moisturized hair grow. ✂

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4. Hair masks! (once a week)

Hair masks are a great way to grow long, healthy hair. Some thin to add in your hair mask is castor oil! Castor oil is an amazing thing to put in your hair because they add some length to your hair.

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5. Massage!

Simply flip your head upside down and massage with your fingertips. This will allow blood to flow to your scalp which stimulates growth! Do this once a week for a month (2 minutes). The results are amazing!

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Oils are great for your hair. When you massage your head with oils, it stimulates hair growth even more.

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Hopefully this helps. Some may not be for you but that's okay. My messages are always open for suggestions,requests, and tips/advice. Don't forget that you are beautiful! ♡

— Love, Clara ♡