A - Age : 15 (Technically. I turn on April 14 so we gonna go with it)

balloons, 15, and birthday image balloons, globos, and madrid image

B - Best movie and Tv show : I really like the fundamentals of caring and for my show.. cant think atm but probably TEOTFW

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C - Current time : 9:06

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D - drink I had last : Water lol

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E - Every morning starts with me : Grabbing my phone

pink, phone, and telephone image pink, aesthetic, and phone image

F - Favorite song : Atm probably Brazil by Declan McKenna

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G - Grossest memory

H - Height : 5'4"

I - in love with : No one

J - Jealous of : no one

K - Killed anyone : no

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L - Last time I cried : Probably 2 days ago

M - Middle name : Elizabeth

N - Number of siblings : 4

O - one wish : Fame

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P - Person I last called or texted: My mom

Q - Question i am always asked : Are you ok?

R - Reasons to smile : Life, sunsets, music

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S - Song I last sang : The look by Metronomy

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T - Time i woke today : probably 7 am

U - underwear color : Maroon

V - Vacation place : LA even tho i go all the time

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W - Worst Habit : Always hating myself when I see someone remotely pretty

X - X-rays I have had

Y - Your favorite food : Pasta

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Z - Zodiac Sign : Aries

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