I love music, especially music that helps me get into a certain writing mood. So here is my current playlist of my top favorite bands/songs to listen to!

Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin is currently coming out with a brand new album titled "Ember" and so far it has been total ear candy to listen to. If you like a bit of hard rock, grunge, and amazing lyrics accompanied by chilling melodies than you better give these guys a try!

Here are three songs that they've dropped for the album on their channel on YouTube that I am currently obsessed with!

  • Psycho
  • Blood
  • Feed the Wolf

( Feed the Wolf is my current mood for one of my main characters in my Fate of Fire fantasy series. You can check out the Fate of Fire collection below! )


Ok, hold up, if you have not heard of Pentatonix, then you have been living under a rock, my friend. Let me introduce you to the five man band that uses...no instruments? That's right, these guys are an acapella group, and they are CRAZY talented. I've been a follower for many years now ever since I watched them win a Sing-Off championship on television. Now they have been to the Grammy's (have won Grammy's!) and have been posting SICK covers on their YouTube channel. Here are my top favorites from their recent uploads! (Which is basically all of them).

  • Attention
  • New Rules x Are You That Somebody?
  • Havana


I can't believe I am just now finding these guys. Their music videos are riveting and beautiful and they can play ROCK on the CELLO! Hello? They also do lots of covers like the Game of Thrones theme, a song from the Gladiator soundtrack, and even some Michael Jackson! Here are a few favorites of my favorites that made me fall in love with them. I highly recommend watching their music videos to get the full 2Cellos experience!

  • Whole Lotta Love vs. Beethoven 5th Symphony
  • Thunderstruck
  • Game of Thrones Theme

Brandyn Burnette

I discovered this smoky voice and genius lyricist over on MrSuicideSheep's YouTube channel. This guy...just a genius. I haven't been disappointed by any of his work yet (given I've only listened to a few so far) but I have no doubt anything he creates is going to be amazing. Here are the two songs that got me hooked onto his beautiful voice!

  • Down
  • Worship

Anime Openings

Haha, OK, not a band, but let me tell you, Anime Openings can be the best driving force to get you out of those writing dumps. A great Anime Opening can make you grin like a true otaku, but a legendary opening can get your creative juices flowing faster than that cup of coffee you're craving. Here are my top favorite Anime Openings with kicker tunes. (I'm sticking to more recent ones I've found and ones with English lyrics for those of you who don't watch a lot of anime). It's ok I still love you. <3

  • Cause I Feel from Psycho Pass


  • Flashback by MIYAVI from Kokkoku
  • Existence by SiM from Rage of Bahumut: Genesis


  • Let it End by SiM from Rage of Bahumut: Virgin Soul


All of these Anime are highly recommended to you to watch as well!

And if you like anime you can follow my Me, Myself, and I collection because I do once in a while go on Anime binges. :'D

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading, and I hope you found a fun song for you to listen to!

A. L. Starks
Amanda Starks
Amanda Starks