I've been gone for a while and I'm sorry... but Let's get on with this challenge

If you haven't seen my last two articles here you go....

And here is the challenge if you want do this yourself...

Lets get STARTED

So my relationship with my parents are okay I mean Inver really had my dad in my life so we don't really have a good relation ship with him, even though I'm sorta trying but it's whatever.

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But my mom, don't get me started on that.. I love my mom she like my best friend she had me and my sister very young so as we grew up, she grew up with us,so she's very understanding and very lenient with the stuff we do. and she lets us be somewhat independent and in charge of our responsibilities, and she's just very cool my friends love my mom and I love my mom to death because of all the stuff we've been through together. I wouldn't ask for another mother.

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So I hope you liked it and I see you for DAY 4