hiya! i'm victoria and here's a bunch of things about me!

♡ my full name is victoria grace mccaleb, but i'll go by victoria or grace
♡ i'm 13 turning 14 in november
♡ my birthday is november 16
♡ my zodiac is a scorpio
♡ my hogwarts house is ravenclaw
♡ i'm an infp personality type
♡ i'm a bookworm
♡ i have a cat, but i really want a corgi as well
♡ i would choose cats over dogs (because they aren't as much work depending on the breed lol), but i love them equally
♡ i like music, literature, art, theatre, photography, films, aromatherapy, warm tea, clouds, cherry blossom trees, cities, the moon, studio ghibli movies, succulents, and video games
♡ i dislike politics, sunlight, math, discrimination, bright colors (neon, very saturated colors, etc), fake people, boring situations, difficult tasks (not challenging, difficult), negativity, meat, violence, arachnids & bugs (i don't kill em tho)
♡ my favorite color is lavender or pastel purple
♡ i'm a feminist
♡ i'm demipansexual (no i don't have sex with pans silly)
♡ i would call myself a twee hipster with some indie grunge aspects
♡ i'm reserved until you get to know me, then i'll be a lot more eccentric, whimsical or quirky
♡ i'm a bit carefree and tend to do risky things or look for a bit of adventure
♡ i'm a pretty nice person unless you come off to me as rude or mean
♡ i have poofy/fluffy, dirty blonde hair that ends right below my chin, bangs and blue eyes
♡ i'm 5'2
♡ i'm a loyal person
♡ i try to give back as much as i can
♡ i'm determined to finish something i've started and i'm pretty dedicated to the things i love
♡ i can be pretty brave
♡ i can play the ukulele and i want to learn to piano
♡ i'm a female
♡ if i could play more instruments, i would write songs
♡ i would love to be a poet
♡ when i'm in college, i want to minor in photography and theatre, but i'm not sure what i want to major in (probaby animation)
♡ my dream is to open up a cafe/gift shop (i'll explain more in a different article)
♡ my hobbies are reading, watching youtube, playing my uke, and binging shows on netflix
♡ my cat's name is binx (he's a boy)
♡ i'm forever alone, and wouldn't mind dying without a partner (as long as i've got friends and family, i'm okay)
♡ my preferred music genres are: indie (anykind), alternative, pop
♡ my preferred movie/tv genres are: mystery, romance, drama, teen fiction, fantasy, lifestyle

that's all i'm going to put because that's a lot already, but i'll make a part two!