* I know we all have read tens of quotes about happiness and how it can be achieved. *
As we all know. we have two pairs in every single thing in our life. Such as men, women, positive negative, life, death, everything, simply everything. yet I can guarantee that you still can attract all the ( good side ) in your life. no, I am not implying that you are going to eliminate the bad side. Because logically it exists. however, I will show you what I do to ignore the bad side and only focus on the good one.
firstly, you will convince yourself that whatever makes you think negatively must go. Let it go simply. try this for one day. you have to do a workout of your brain every day. what I a mean by that is to expect that something positive will happen. ( you must be certain of that and believe in it ). For instance, you are driving to college and you got stuck in the traffic. in this situation, you must STOP panicking. All you have to do is to have a certain feeling within you that you are going to arrive in time AND trust me it will happen. Do this exercise every day and watch how your brain will be in shape and a place of attraction to all the good things. Also, a positive result is that you won't care about anything negative because simply your brain has no time to think of negative things and as I said above there is no way to eliminate the negativity but there is a way to ignore it.

well, I believe what wrote will make a change in your life.
I am writing this because I think it must benefit some of you guys. I will truly be satisfied if at least one of you believed on what I was saying.
and hey.. always forgive people do good things to the earth, ignore those who don't treat you good. believe in yourself and count your blessings! <3