yellow, sun, and aesthetic image book, aesthetic, and sweater image Temporarily removed white, plants, and cactus image
yellows, neutrals, and the rainbow as a whole are some of my favorite colors


Temporarily removed fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, sweater, and style image fashion, green, and style image
my desired fashion style could be a post within itself, it's kinda all over the place, from 90's to cozy to classy, i like it all. unfortunately, i'm broke and can't afford all of the clothing items i want..


camera, photography, and aesthetic image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image Image removed Image by Kawter Zineb Belkhir
photography, reading, writing, and creating art are a few of my absolute favorite things to do


aesthetic, books, and room image room, bedroom, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and music image art, indie, and grunge image
kinda your typical art hoe decor: plants, fairy lights, vinyl, books, etc...


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed piano, music, and aesthetic image alternative, damn, and quotes image
my horizon stretches pretty far when it comes to music. i love discovering new tunes


book, aesthetic, and white image food, burger, and fries image fashion, grunge, and coffee image netflix, room, and bed image
coffee, books, food, and netflix are a few of my favorite things

hope you enjoyed :)