Greetings once again! So if you didn't already know I'm an extreme bookworm and adore binge-watching shows and watching films. So I created some playlists that resemble characters from books, tv shows, and movies. I only created playlists of books I've read and tv shows and movies I've watched. I hope you enjoy them as I tried to vary them as much as possible. Also, I'll be leaving a link to a poll below where if this is successful I'll make a part 2 of the most voted characters. I worked for 2 weeks on all of these playlists which mostly have over 40 songs. Without further due here we go:

โค Alaska Young { From Looking for Alaska by John Green }

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Alaska's playlist: I tried to incorporate Alaska's adventurous and carefree nature as much as possible in this playlist. There's not really a music style starred in this playlist but I guess you can say indie?

โค Blair Waldorf { From Gossip Girl }

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Blair's playlist: For Blair, you'll find songs from Breakfast at Tiffany's and Marilyn Monroe. Many classy and successful women in this playlist. Not only old hits but hist from today are here in this playlist. You'll find a variety of genres.

โค Peter Parker / Spider-Man { From Spider Man comics }

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Peter's playlist: In Peter's playlist I wanted to incorporate a more wild/free/summer/California breeze but also a tragic hero/heartbroken/teenager/. So you'll find a bit of both in his.

โค Annabeth Chase { From Percy Jackson and the Olympians series }

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Annabeth's playlist: Annabeth's playlist has kind of the same essence as Peter's playlist. It has her quest/battle/adventure/California girl feel but also her I went through hell/runway/almost lost the love of my life feel. Because we know Annabeth is much more than what she looks.

โค Lisa Simpson { From The Simpsons }

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Lisa's playlist: If you didn't already know Lisa adores Jazz. I put in some modern soft jazz there because of her love of jazz. Some indie, some sad, and well her daydream personality. As well as her feminist and liberal nature.

โค Leia Organa { From Stars Wars }

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Leia's playlist has star wars themes, wonderful songs of women of the 80s, and songs that make you think you can take on the world. real badass. but some soft stuff.

If you liked these playlists but and you would like to recommend a character playlist for me to make go to this website where you can vote from the options :


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