walking at 2am in an empty street , the only lightning came from the moon and the stars
everyone was probably sleeping except for him and her

her :« Do you think in the other world i can be a bird ? »

him: « What do you mean ? »

her: « Like being free , having no chain, nothing to hold me back from dreaming , from breathing , from living just like a bird »

him: « i have a better idea »

her:« What »

him:« if you reborn be a rose in my garden and i promise i’ll take care of you , or be the beats of my heart »

him: «be the color of my eyes , be the sweetness of my honey , be anything you want but just be inside of me , a part of me , and i know that i’m being selfish taking your freedom from you but you started it remember ? that day , that second , that breath , when you stole my heart leaving me confused of what i should choose you or my life »

her:« and what did you choose »

him: « my life , cause you are my life »

her: « why me »

him:« why not »

her: « i’m not perfect , i’m not that pretty , nor that smart , i’m not someone who deserves you »

him:« but you are you , i don’t only love you for your face nor your grades or your intelligence , i love you for no reason , i wasn’t the one to choose it , it did choose me »

her:« how can you love someone you don’t know well ? »

him: « i may not know your whole family nor your past , but all i know is that you are someone who rather sleep on weekend than party,

who will pretend to read a book and end up falling asleep ,

you would act confident but inside you think a thousand billion times about your actions and your words ,

you love so much making people smile that you can break a leg for it and still see no wrong on that

your day depends on how many cups of tea you drank , you are a kid in a body of an adult but when you care about a person you become just like a mother who loves her kids without waiting love in return from em

the ocean spends these cold night marvelling at the depth of you , you love admiring the stars and you always deny that you talk to the moon so often , you love the moonlight and rainstorm, the smell of the ocean and the whisper of the waves , you love so many things that have soul »

him:« but … »

her: « but what »

him:« i wish i was one of these souls »