1. Whales

Temporarily removed ocean, whale, and surf image whale, ocean, and sea image whale, animal, and nature image
I'm a beautiful whale

2. Stingrays

ocean, sea, and animal image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed ocean, stingray, and summer image
Two of these almost kill me...

3. Jellyfish

jellyfish, blue, and ocean image Temporarily removed aesthetic, animal, and aquarium image jellyfish, photography, and light image
They're sooo cute!!!

4. Sea Turtles

turtle, animal, and ocean image turtle, animal, and ocean image animals, beach, and ocean image Image by Isabel Teles
I love going to the beach to release them!!!

5. Dolphins

dolphin, summer, and ocean image Image by ɾαզմεʆ εςɕσɓεδσ dolphin, animal, and sea image Image removed
Swimming with dolphins...one of the BEST LIFE EXPERIENCES EVER

6. Sea Horses

animal, sea, and seahorse image Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed
A species where the male is pregnant

7. Whale Sharks

Temporarily removed whale shark, ocean, and shark image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
They 're gorgeous!!!

8. Octopuses

Temporarily removed beautiful, dumbo, and pulpo image Temporarily removed octopus, sea, and underwater image
They're soooo smooth!!!

9. Killer Whales

animal, orca, and whale image animal, ocean, and sea image Temporarily removed animal, orca, and sea image
Who remembers Shamu?

10. Clownfishes

fish, green, and natural image Temporarily removed fish, nature, and sea image fish, nemo, and orange image
They're sooo tiny!!!

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