Strangers, strangers, strangers.. what is it about two people getting to know each other that is so special? Maybe I should just tell you, or you could think about it yourself,
but let's mix it all up instead.

There is a difference between knowing a person and not knowing a person. Just like there is a difference between an apple and a pear. You probably think I'm going somewhere with what I am talking about right now, but matter of fact, I'm not. There is, literally, one real difference about these things, and that is the difference between them. A little mind blowing, right?

"but what has apples and pears anything to do with strangers?"

You see, I could continue to write hundreds of words and make you think that they are connected to the word "strangers", because when you decided to read this article you got in to a mood that told you to be filosofic. So whatever I'm writing right know, and whatever you are reading, you will think it is special.

But that is actually a beautiful thing.
Having the ability to believe that everything you see, hear or read is special, makes everything about life, special. And ain't that what life is about? Finding what's beautiful. If you decide that everything is beautiful, you don't have to look for it anymore, because it's right in front of you. You are no longer a stranger to life, because the beauty was there all the time, you just didn't realize it because you was blinded by the search for something you had already found.