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Nowadays there is so much negativity spreading and everything seems like its going wrong but now its time to come from that and take a time to ourselves and relax. Being more positive will help the outcome of certain situations in your life and positive people usually produce positive results. Here are some ways where you can become more positive.

♛Have a quiet place

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Go to your room or go to the library any place you feel comfortable in and is quiet can really help you when times are tough and you are overwhelmed.

♛Meditate and let go

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While in a quiet place, sit in one area and think about everything that is keeping your mind troubled and just let it out. Keeping the negative thoughts in can ruin your day. After letting go of your troubles, think about all the positive things you want to accomplish and how you're going to make today a good day.

♛Stay in the moment

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When your mind tends to start spiraling out of control over past mistakes or what you're going to be doing in the future, start by easing your thoughts then take a look around. Take a moment to realize that you are fine and that you're going to be ok because the mistake you made is over and done with and that whatever happens in the future is meant to help you not hurt you.

♛Associate with positive people

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Regardless of who it is, talk to people that are positive and on the right route. Toxic people are never going to benefit you, in the long run, so make the right choice and let them go and do your own thing.


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Not everyone likes to write but to actually write how your actually feeling at the moment has many amazing benefits. When your feeling sad, jot it down, when your feeling angry, jot it down, when you're happy, jot it down. Writing is a great habit to stay on when a person wants to stay on a more positive journey in life.

♛Smile because life is too short

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Life is too short to do anything that isn't going to benefit you in order for you to accomplish your best. Always remember that!!!!.

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