• First thing to have in mind: this is my very first article.
  • Second point: I got the flu and all I've been doing all day is online imaginary shopping.

Pastel Pink Purse

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I'm currently obsessed with all pastel related stuff on whi

Red Velvet Earrings

accessories, earrings, and red image

A new Chanel perfume

chanel, perfume, and green image Temporarily removed chanel, perfume, and coco chanel image chanel, perfume, and coco chanel image
I know the blue Chanel perfume doesn't exist BUT I love how it looks

Heart Ashtray

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My bad habit

Coat / Raincoat

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I'm all for those fawn coats!

Sky Blue Kanken

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So dreamy (:

Golden Heart Necklace

heart, gold, and jewelry image

Brown Uggs

shoes, ugg, and boots image ugg, boots, and shoes image
Cold days are coming here in Chile

First article ever ✔️

Lots of love for you all ♥️

- Maria Francisca