Nobody should feel embarrassed about themselves, or hide who they really are. It's those little things that makes one human being completly diferent from others. It's four of your pimples you have right now. It's the way your lips move when you smile. It's how many tears you've cried when you felt all alone. It's your favourite scenes from movies and shows. It's how you feel comfortable in that gray shirt you have almost 7 years. It's how many nights you skiped going out just so you could study and get a good grade. And also those nights when you avoided studying and went out instead. It's your dimples on your back. It's your scar beneath your knee. It's how many times you chose a book over a movie. It's your favourite flower. It's the way you dance when you hear your favourite song. It's all those times when your sister hugged you. It's what you usually eat for dinner. It's what you do first when you open your eyes in the morning. It's how many times your friends made a ponytail of your hair. It's the way you feel when you're at the basketball game. It's your tattoos. It's the way you're missing someone. It's all those places your eyes have seen. It's the way your hair looks when the wind is blowing. It's the taste of cookies your grandmother makes you on Sunday. It's the way you're playing with your dog. It's how you put your eyeliner. It's the smell of your favourite perfume. It's that night you spend on the beach. It's the way you write letter G. It's how you like red clothes the most. You should't change those things, because they are making you - you, as unique, as beautiful, as extraordinary as everyone else. Remember that. There's a whole big world inside you. On just one planet, there's a milion worlds.