i want to start by saying thank you for all the love on my past three articles! it means so much because I worked hard on them and i didn't think anyone would see them to be honest!

on to the what you clicked this for; handling stress. let me also clarify that this is handling stress in the sense of overall coping and preventing stress. i am posting an article soon on specific ways and ideas to relieve stress. enjoy!

planning ahead:

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using planning and time management will help a ton! having everything planned out and put into a schedule can not only prevent stress but also, when you are experiencing stress it can comfort you by knowing you have a plan!

practice saying no:

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this is so so so important! we often find ourselves feeling pressured into things we don't want, which can lead to finding ourselves in stressful situations. this does not mean saying not infront of a mirror (though it can be if that helps), but rather overtime learning that its okay to give an answer that may not satisfy others.

remove negative people from your life:

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we tend to keep negative people in our lives, often times due to the fear of missing out or not wanting to hurt anyone, or many other reasons. however, though this is common, it can cause more stress than necessary. being surrounded by negative people is exhausting and can cause you to fall behind in other important things and the situation itself can be very stressful.

focus on what is important to you:

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i know this is easier said than done, but one of the most important things is taking time to focus on yourself and what you want. this can be planning for the future or taking steps towards what you want.