Theme Ideas for Instagram

Brown Vibes

Feed One

girl, city, and coffee image fashion and beauty image aesthetic, beauty, and inspiration image city, clean, and coffee image

Feed Two

eyes, eye, and brown image girl, beauty, and bed image Mature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Yellow Vibes

Feed One

Temporarily removed yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It accessories, aesthetic, and alternative image

Feed Two

yellow, tumblr, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed flowers, sunflower, and yellow image Mature image

Clean & Fresh Green

Temporarily removed food, green, and macaroons image green, city, and indie image Temporarily removed

Clean and Refreshed

bath, white, and water image Temporarily removed roses image Image by ✪Sandra✪

Black and White

black and white, girl, and beauty image amazing, beautiful, and classy image aesthetic, alternative, and black & white image hair image

Pink Tones

Feed One

book, pink, and laptop image fashion, style, and pink image fashion, girl, and pink image pink, art, and paint image

Feed Two

beautiful, bra, and classy image flower, alissaviolet, and rptheme image Temporarily removed adidas, shoes, and pink image

Lots of Love,