First thing you need to know is that all these tips are what I've been doing all my life and I can admit that they've led me to success. I hope it works the same for you all, but if not, you can always figure something out for yourself by changing others' tips into something that'd suit you better. ✨

1. Find out what type of a learner you are.

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You're just one or a mix of more than one of these three types: tactile, visual and auditory. I know I am a visual learner so I focus on it. It's not deadly important, though.

2. Write down every single duty that you have to do.

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Make a to-do list. Don't let your responsibilities seem more than they actually are. Keeping them all in your mind surely makes you feel like you've got a lot to do, but you actually don't. Writing down makes you realize that you have an aim which is not more than a few items: your aim is to carry out all you wrote down on your to-do list and not more than that. Start from somewhere and when you're done with it, just score it out and move on to the next step on your to-do list. 💐

3. Make a schedule,

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And stick to it. If it's not very much of your style, then you may just write down all the subjects you have to learn in order to know what you have to do so they won't keep your mind busy. You'll just study them whenever you want.

4. Make sure you have all your duties (subjects, other to-dos) written on a simple piece of paper,

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And not your mind. Free your mind and let your duties rather keep a piece of paper busy. Your to-do list should consist of: what exams you are getting prepared for, all the subjects you have to learn, your other school duties such as homework, your other main duties.

5. When studying,

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a) Get all of your sources and books together about the subject you're going to study. Let them stay on your table.

b) Get a paper, divide it into three columns with a red pen and start writing all about the subject down on it. (Having it divided into columns will make the best use of a paper preventing unnecessarily empty spots.)
Your writing should be tiny so that it won't take a lot of papers. 🌿

c) Combine all the important and chief information from your different books and make them into only one source on your three columned paper.

Your books have a lot of pages which will make you unable to remember what information was written on which page. Writing them down on your own source with all the information you need to know written so tiny and taking little paper will make you feel that you actually have little job and not a book to eat.
At the and, you'll only have three or four papers for the entire exam of what would take pages if you were to study on your books. 🍁

6. Carry those papers around even when you're not studying and make sure to revise them.

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After a few revisions, you'll be able to picture the papers' shape on your mind and remember the information's locations on the page. During the exam, you'll be able to remember the papers' appearance as if it's a photo.

7. When trying to memorize,

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Read your notes a few times to see what you've managed to memorize so far.
Line all the other information with your highlighter pen that needs memorizing. Then focus on them.

8. Use coloured pens when writing the titles,

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So you'll remember which title was where on the page and which information was under it.

9. Use Quizlet.

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It's very effective to help you memorize.

10. Keep your life organized by using apps or making lists yourself.

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11. Reward yourself after every studying process.

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No matter what mark you get.

— 🌼 —

Well guys, this is basically all you have to do. It's all about keeping your mind free and keeping everything you have to do on a paper rather than your mind. Studying will seem easier if you have everything together and not messy. Eventually, you'll achieve it. Good luck. 🌱