Hello there,

If u've ever read my articles before you can guess about them, but I'll list them anyway. And of course I'll write down why I love 'em.

1. Guns n' Roses

I can call myself very lucky, because last summer my dad took me to Prague to one of their concerts and OMG. I've fallen back in love with them and while in the concert I relived so much childhood memories. And the band itself, I love it so much for their sincerity, their love and respect for the music, and everything they have done. I've read Duff's Steven's and Slash's bio plus Axl's unauthorized bio and even the bio Steven's mom wrote! So you can say I'm pretty much into them:D

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I started listening to them at a very young age, because of my father. I got my first MP3 player when I was 9, and I already knew some lyrics.
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Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Slash (Saul Hudson) Steven Adler and Duff (Michael McKagan)

2. Sex Pistols

My fave thing in Earth is punk music. And I think nobody can represent punk more than the Sex Pistols. I started listening to them almost like a week ago. I mean, I knew they exist but haven't listened their music before. Now I could do it all day long!!

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I only will post Sid and Johnny because I couldn't find the other members' pics in WHI:(
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Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen an album cover and an amp

3. Nirvana

Nirvana is the representation everything I feel, everything I am afraid of and everything I think. It is so punk rock like nothing ever, and (even if've never met and never will meet) I feel like Kurt is my best friend through the lyrics (same feeling w Axl Rose) and I can never be thankful enough them!

breed, grunge, and kurt cobain image
Kurt Cobain:)
nirvana, kurt cobain, and grunge image nirvana, dave grohl, and kurt cobain image nirvana, kurt cobain, and dave grohl image
Nirvana: Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic

4. Green Day

Nothing reminds me more of my childhood than GD. This was the first band I actually discovered by myself for myself. Last summer Green Day came to Budapest (my hometown) and I got to see them with my brother, and best friend which meant the world to me.

armstrong, billie, and cool image billie joe armstrong, green day, and tre cool image
I got into Green Day like when I was around 11 or 10, and I live for the second pic since then!
green day, billie joe armstrong, and punk image Image by amanda dempsey green day, mike dirnt, and live image
Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool and Mike Drint

5. Ozzy Osbourne

Who else could be the fifth than Ozzy Osbourne? I mean, he is a living legend! He is rock's ultimate survivor, like he truly survived everything. He has tried all drugs that mankind knows about, he bit off the head of a bat, doctors have clinically diagnosed his dead twice but he's still alive. That man and his music is incredible!

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my favorite pics of Ozzy!
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Ozzy and Slash, more Ozzy and for the last one Ozzy w his family

Okay, so first I wanted to do 'my top 10 bands' but I just talk way too much so I'll do more parts of it if you like it:) and of course tell me if you're not or want me to talk less:D

Hope u liked it, and like these bands cuz they're awesome!! Check out my 'Music' collection here in WHI and follow me on Instagram as well:)


See you next time:)