most of my favorite songs are songs from the vampire diaries and i´m gonna share my favorites. I don´t know if it is because I love this show so much, but I love these songs and they have a special place in my heart

hunger - ross copperman

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look into my eyes and say you want me too, like I want you

hold on - chord overstreet

gif, couple, and ian somerhalder image the vampire diaries, delena, and tvd image
can you hear me screaming, please don´t leave me

another love - tom odell

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i want to cry, i want to learn to love, but all my tears have been used up

holding on and letting go - ross copperman

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sometimes we´re holding angels, and we never even know

never say never - the fray

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some things we don´t talk about, rather do without, and just hold the smile

belong - cary brothers

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but you´re wrong, i don´t belong to you

wings - birdy

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lights go down, in the moment we lost and found. i just want to be by your side, if these wings could fly

echo - jason walker

damon, elena, and the vampire diaries image the vampire diaries, delena, and tvd image
sometimes when I close my eyes i pretend i´m alright, but it´s never enough

new york - snow patrol

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if our hearts are never broken, then there´s no joy in the mending