hiya dolls! ♡
so a couple of days ago i made an article about my spa routine! SO, today i am going to tell you my pamper essentials - the products i love & use a lot!


scrubs are CRUCIAL to a perfect pamper. scrubs are good because they:
♡ get rid of dead skin cells
♡ ^ because of this, they leave your skin smooth
♡ reduce the chances of a breakout
♡ allow moisturizer to work so much better
♡ reduce stress

my favourite scrubs are:
♡ zoella pretty polished (body, £7.50)
♡ the body shop british rose exfoliating gel (body, £15)
♡ superdrug tea tree scrub (face, £3.49)
♡ soap & glory the scrub of your life (body, £7)

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moisturizer is ALSO crucial to a perfect pamper! moisturizers are good because they:
♡ help your skin stay young
♡ can reduce the appearance of blemishes
♡ keep your skin silky smooth
♡ fight wrinkles

my favourite moisturizers are:
♡ ANY zoella moisturizer
♡ lush charity pot (goes to charity!♡£13.95)
♡ soap & glory butter yourself (£10)

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at this point i have realized that EVERYTHING i'm mentioning is crucial to a pamper. face masks are good because they:
♡ let you relax
♡ unclog pores
♡ give you glowing skin
♡ deep cleanse your skin
♡ can help cover blemishes
♡ are a fun little activity to do with friends!

my favourite face masks are:
♡ the body shop ethiopian honey deep nourishing mask (£17)
♡ lush cupcake face mask (£7.50)
♡ lush cosmetic warrior face mask (smells horrendous but results are insane, £7.50)

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body butters/souffles go SO unmentioned but they are amazing! they are good because they:
♡ are filled with nutrients
♡ hydrate the skin
♡ form a protective barrier over the skin
♡ are usually affordable!

my favourite body butters are:
♡ patisserie de bain creme patisserie body souffle (£3.99-4.99)
♡ zoella butter me up (just found out it's discontinued😪)
♡ any body shop body butter (i recommend honey/vanilla chai,£6)

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and finally... bath bombs! i love bath bombs so much - they inspired me to start having spa/pamper routines! bath bombs are good because they:
♡ contain skin conditioning ingredients
♡ look fabulous lol
♡ adds oils to bath, which moisturize
♡ help you relax
♡ make you smell good
♡ are just fun!!

my favourite places to find bath bombs are:
♡ lush
♡ bomb cosmetics
tip: this is personal preference, but i find that bath bombs with flowers in them help me relax♡

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thank you for reading! i know this isn't a huge list but i really hope it helps♡

happy pampering!
love, mads ♡