That's funny nails aren't even long.Well they are growing...very little
This process doesn't take a takes months and maybe years..XD
1.Use a strengthening clear top coat.I suggest using 2 coats and no more.This will help your nails get stronger while they grow.Therefore, they won't break as easy.

2.If you're a nail biter, go to your local drug store and find one of those bad tasting nail polishes.Don't fucking peel the coat off.

3.PAINT YOUR NAILLLLSS! When your nails touch water..they weaken and make them easier to break.The nail polish adds a strong layer to your nails.

4.I don't know if the coconut oil from Family Dollar works for everyone but for me this oil made my nails grow longer just a little and moisturizes my cuticles.But if you want to use then you can lol

5.Don't bite yo nails ya nasty jkjk just don't bite those smexy nails.

6.If you want more tips and tricks and all that ish , I reconmend watching this video VV

7.but tbh..I think you should ship dem nail hardeners and always wear a clear base coat

Oh yeah...those are my nails on the cover page ;)
The middle finger is my fav finger XDXD