1. I'm from Michigan

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2. My favorite movies are Love simon, If I stay, perks of being a wallflower, and Maze runner death cure

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3.My favorite animals are cats, Ferrets, huskeys, and polar bears

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4.My Favorite T.V. shows are River Dale, the vampire diaries, Teen Wolf, and gossip girl

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5.My Favorite Foods are Sushi, pizza, Taco salads, and Mac and cheese

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6. My Favorite Books If I stay, where she went, The Syrena Legacy series, and the Selection Series

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7. Places I want to travel to Europe, Hawaii, Japan, and Australia

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8.My favorite Artists Halsey, Demi lovato, Logic, and Machine gun Kelly

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9. I'm in love with Disney

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10. I'm in love with vans

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Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.If you have any movie, T.v. show, book recommendations. If you have any ideas as to what kind of article I should write next feel free to message me.

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