10 Things that make me Happy

° O N E

Because they are the cutest things in this planet we don't deserve them.

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° T W O

Well....cause it's food, that just makes people happy.

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° T H R E E

Because they destract me from sadness or reality.

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Sleepless in Seattle//10 things I hate about you//Roman Holiday//Cry Baby

° F O U R

Just like movies they transport me out of reality and into a better place.

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° F I V E
Zoella Vlogs

There's something about watching them that makes me both happy and productive. I just love the way she lives and how she is and that we have similarities and it makes me want to be productive and be a better person.

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° S I X
My Friends

They drive me crazy so time and I worry to much for them but it's because I love them. They make me laugh and I can be myself and that makes me happy. I love to spend time with them and I love to make new memories with them.

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° S E V E N
My Family

We are very fucked up, like my whole family is and we fight a lot, and they can make me crazy and sad and angry but they make me more happy than that, specially when we are all together having lunch or doing anything together.

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We Heart It has nothing about family btw

° E I G H T

New York

I love this city more than I love myself. Like it is a certain feeling I get while being there that makes me happy. The first time I went I cried of happiness I am not even kidding, I just got so nostalgic I couldn't resist it. And the weather and the people and honestly I've never been on a place that I would stand in a street on rush hour and hear about 15 languages at the same time. It blows my mind.

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° N I N E

Of course music makes me feel a lot of things but even sad music makes me happy because I feel like it gets it. Like the lyrics are so relatable that it makes me happy to know I am not the only one. And just in general music makes me happy.

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° T E N

Phrases that are positve and well have like an inner meaning makes me happy, cause they keep me going. If it's inspirational I'll be happy instantly. It makes want to be what the quote tells me to be.

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And that's it! I enjoy this, I guess if I could add another thing is making articles! I love it! This made me happy!
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Love you all.