Hey peeps.

So i think some of the kpop people know that today ep 1 & 2 of burn the stage was uploaded to youtube. ( For ep 2 you can message me for a link, ep 1 is free and it's on the BANGTANTV youtube channel )

And there is on thing i really want to say. Respect them. It's really simple. Just don't put thing in the wrong content. And when they have a fight don't pick sides. You have te remember this happend months ago. The boys let you in to there private life. Thing we normale wont see. So please think before you do something.


If you sexualize jungkook’s pain from burn the stage you can unfollow me right now. I don't need people like that to follow me. It’s not sexy or hot. HE WAS IN PAIN. The boys trusted us with this and ya’ll are gonna do this shit. It really makes me sick. Go away.

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So what is burn the stage?

Well it's a look in the back stage life of bts. You will see everything. The ups and the downs. And if you are a real army i'm praying for you soul. Because when i watched it i almost died. I'm not gonna spoil because i'm sure there are people that havent watched it yet. You will seriously see a whole other side of bts. And i was really shook first. I wasn't ready and to be honest i'm still not ready.

It still hurts me to see them like that and sure we always knew there was a really dark side of the kpop industry. And that they will go to so much. But now we can see it for are ourselves. And then you really get worried. Because these boys mean the whole world to use and to see them in so much pain breaks me..

I really hope that they are resting now because they deserve it. ewuib i'm still not okay i'm still emotional asf.

You can always message when you are down! I would love to help you out.

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Bye now i'm gonna cry with all my bts albums.