Hello reader,

Did someone left you by saying certain things you do not understand?
Read this and allow the new life and ray of happiness come your way.

Behave in a way that the person whose approval you seek or demand, is you and believe me your life will flourish.

Do things which makes you happy.

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Onces a girl asked me how could she look for happiness around her when the happiness she searches for is inside him.
i told her, If that person loved you he would've never left you alone in this state, he is insecure and is afraid of approval and justifications. Let him do what he wants, accept his love and decision and give this intensity you carry in yourself to the one who seeks you, and would never ever think of leaving you, would not be clingy but will be sportive and motivating.

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Love is what everyone wants, but how and when depends on person to person; Let the correct person walk into your beautiful life and let others love you.

A single person cannot define you but the correct person can. That correct person always gives hints and always you to be who you want to be.

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The crazy, depressed, sad, lost, lonely, desperate, lazy or any other you. They accept it and with this they will bring-THE BEST OUT OF YOU-.

Have a nice day
smile more and hug everyone around you( only if you're comfortable in it because everyone is different).