have anyone feel depressed and knowing that you are depressed tries very hard to get out of the depression by yourself is not helping either
feeling depressed for the past couple of days for no reason all i want to do is cry but nothing comes out and nothing is sad but yet there is that urge in your body that just want to cry and stay somewhere in the darkness until every bit of yourself is gone from the face of the planet or until everyone else on the face of the planet if gone leaving just you behind with nothing
telling yourself to cheer up because there is nothing wrong going on with your life that other people have it more worst than you do but yet your body just refuse to do anything that you are telling it to do your body just keep on making you thinking that there is something wrong and make you thinks of the bad times that you encountered with people and just about literally every little thing that didn't bother you before not is on your skin making you extra depressed for no reason

most of the time it would go away if i talks to a friend that a trust and is reliable but there is none
most of the time i feel like they are being bothered by me for talking to them or message them maybe that is just my paranoid side of me but the world may never know what it is when no body speaks honest to each other