Hiiii, today i'm coming back with my night and day skincare routine.
I'm so sorry if my english is bad, I'm french so if I do some mistakes don't blame me.
Hope you enjoy...!


First, every evening I remove my mascara with the Gemey Maybelline Cils demasq, it's a biphase cleansing, it is very good and remove the waterproof very well.

beauty, lashes, and makeup image


Then I wash my face with a soap from Level Natural. This soap cleans well my skin.

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After cleaning my skin, I hydrate it, in the morning with the Dermalogica cream barrier repair, it blurs the pores, it's very good.
And in the night with the Embryolisse Lait-crème Concentré, it's very moist.

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beauty, cream, and night image


The final touch, I apply Ricin oil on my lashes to make it longer.

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Finally, I make a mask once or twice a week, this one is one from Kneipp ,it is at aleo vera, and I use it for a month and my skin is not bad.

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Well , here it is my skincare routine, hope you enjoy, see you in another article !